Instructions for the Blue Vs Gray Tracker

This program tracks city occupation and supply points for the Blue vs Gray card game. This facilitates play-by-email games by providing an easy way to track and exchange the current state of the game.

If you're not familiar with Blue vs Gray, this page won't make a lot of sense. Visit the GMT Games page and get the game already!

The bulk of the display is a map of the playing surface. Inactive map cards are dimmed. Use the buttons under the MAP CARDS header to activate the correspondingly-lettered map card. Blue buttons activate USA cards, gray buttons activate Neutral cards, and gold buttons activate CSA cards.

The connections between the cities work a little differently here than they do in the game. Here, a dotted line is used to show connections which may be used for supply but not for attack. (The game uses dotted lines to make a meaningless distinction between roads and railroads.)

To change the ownership of a city, click on it, then use the buttons under the SELECTED CITY header to set the ownership. (The buttons won't appear until a city is actually selected.)

Track supply points by entering the appropriate numbers into the SUPPLY section. A maximum of 15 points can be tracked. (If you need anywhere near that, you're probably not playing correctly.)

Track the location of naval squadrons using the Naval Squadrons section. While it's technically possible to put 4 squadrons into a theater, it's functionally meaningless (as the fourth squadron, Monitor, has no strength) so use 3 instead.

As you make changes to the display, the text area below the map will show changes in city ownership and achievement of each side's game objectives automatically.

The GAME STATE control at the top left of the screen contains a code which stores the entire state of the game -- map cards, cities, naval squadrons, and supplies. This code will change as you make adjustments to the display. At any point, you can "bookmark" the current game situation by saving that control code someplace convenient (say, in an ACTS log at the end of each turn).

To return to your saved game state, copy the code back into the GAME STATE control, and click Load. You can then continue with your game.

Click Reset to return the map to its game start settings.